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The company “Autotrasporti Ficara” has been dealing with transports, and national and international consignments since 1972. Move goods is our mission for a long time. An historical activity that in the years has been completed with solutions of integrated logistics, but that it continues representing an important factor of development and growth for the company. 

Through the experience acquired in the years, we are able to manage the handling of the goods with punctuality and professionalism.

The full load transports, as also the groupages, are performed following meticulously the instructions of our buyers, respecting both their demands and that ones  




of their clients, making vehicles available always in perfect efficiency and men well instructed and traceable in all the phases of the transport.

Our fundamental resource is highly constituted by the personnel, qualified and always sensitive to the various changes of the market and prepared to manage an as many qualified portfolio clients. 

Our strength's points: 

·         Possibility of load in Europe - always and anywhere, thanks to the great truck fleet of our partners, we have the possibility to load always and anywhere in Europe. 

·         The execution and the control of every single transport through our experienced transport manager - from the booking to the delivery -. They guarantee, through the direct contact with the drivers, an exact control of the transport. 

·         Custom solutions - we can organize and directly manage in a short time, stores near the establishments of our clients, also noticing existing structures and employing, if necessary, resources already working inside of the client company. A solution appreciated by a lot of medium and big companies, that - through a process of external services of the logistics activity and consignment - simplifies its own structure optimizing costs and benefits. 

·         Quality - to improve the offer, we’ve been engaged for a long time in increasing the competitiveness of our services. The demands of the today's market impose us solutions of avant-garde, to measure for every client. The vehicles and the drivers are provided of all the garment and instruments for the health safeguard on the job’s places. 

The appointment for the future is that to answer more and more to the necessities of the clients staying on the line with the principles of seriousness and correctness, based on the quality of the service and on the human relationships that for a long time has characterized the company Ficara Giuseppe.









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